Create a KPI to display Region with the highest sales

  • Drag the “Region” field to the text in the Marks card
  • Drag the “Order Date” field to the filter shelf and select “Month/Year” and then click on “Next”
  • Select the “Use all” radio button from the filter pop up window and then click “Ok

  •  Right-click on the data filter and then select “Show Filter” so that the user can select the desired month

  • Click on the down arrow in the data pane and choose “Create Calculated Field” and then name the calculation as “KPI Region”
  • Enter the following calculation in the calculation editor
  • WINDOW_MAX(SUM([Sales]))=Sum([Sales])
  • Drag the “KPI Region” calculated field to the filter shelf and select “True” and then click”Ok”
  • Click on the text in the Marks card and then increase the size of the text and change the alignment to centre
  • Go to the “Format” menu and then select “Font”
  • Click on the “Shading” from the Format Font pane and then select desired worksheet colour


Region KPI which shows the Region with highest sales in the selected month


Test your knowledge!

1. Context filters are independent filters; Any other filters that you set are defined as dependent filters because they process only the data that passes through the context filter


2.Which type of LOD expression is useful to compute at more granular level?

Fixed LOD
Include LOD
Both Fixed and Include LOD
None of the above