Tableau Interview Questions

  1. Give an overview of your recent work
  2. What version of Tableau are you currently using?
  3. Tableau offers several types of filters. What are they?
  4. How do you know when to use extract filters in Tableau?
  5. How are cross-database joins and data blending different?
  6. Did you ever use the Include LOD calculation?
  7. What is the use of the Size function in Tableau?
  8. I’d like to hear an example where you have used LOD calculations.
  9. Can you tell me what the Tableau filtering order is?
  10. Why does Tableau have a Context filter?
  11. What is the difference between DATEPART and DATETRUNC functions?
  12. How do you calculate YTD and the Previous year’s YTD?
  13. What is the difference between data blending and data joining?
  14. What are the challenges faced while creating a dashboard?
  15. What is LOD? Explain different types
  16. What are the latest features of Tableau?
  17. Direct load or Custom SQL, which one gives better performance?
  18. How to display top10 and bottom 10 in the same chart?
  19. What is Assume referential integrity?
  20. What is the data size of your project? Do you use a live or extract connection?
  21. How and when do you use Scatter plots?
  22. How do you create bins or buckets manually?
  23. Do sets and groups change dynamically?
  24. What is a data interpreter? When do you see this option?
  25. Suppose you have developed the dashboard with MYSQL datasource and now the datasource changed to MS SQL. How do you connect to a new data source?
  26. What does the Show only relevant values option do? Is it suggestible to use always?
  27. How do you see the sql query generated in Tableau when you create a view?
  28. How do you create a waterfall chart in Tableau?
  29. What are Context filters? How does it affect the performance of the report?
  30. What are the advantages of Tableau over other BI tools?
  31. How do you show Top N filters using the Index function?
  32. In a scenario where the report hits the database 10000 times, what would you suggest to the client to make it more performant?
  33. What level of SQL expertise do you have?
  34. In what ways can a dashboard be made to perform better?
  35. Would it be possible to display the Top 10 and Bottom 10 in a single chart?